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When this website grows, I can spend more time improving it and all the resources contained within. Please spread the word! If you get access to cool papers then please send them my way too.

The aim of this website is to provide useful resources like notes, past papers, questions by topic, exam tips and more.

I (Mark) made the Physics and Biology notes during my A-levels. All other A-level content like Mathematics questions by topic is much more recent.

After finishing my A-levels I enrolled at Imperial College London to study Theoretical Physics. I soon left.

After leaving Imperial I spent a bit of difficult time in limbo. During this period I started working at my secondary school, then decided to go back to uni and now I’m studying at Natural Sciences at Durham University. These days my emphasis is less on Maths and Physics but I will still keep the site going.

If you do find any mistakes in the website, have ideas about how I could improve things or have general questions then please feel free to email me at marksphysicshelp@outlook.com, or use this form.

Here’s a big question: Can you trust my notes? Well they helped me to get my grades (below). But I understand they are not faultless. However, these notes can give you ideas for how to structure your own.

My A-levels

  • Mathematics: A*, Physics: A*, Biology A


  • A^ (A**) Further Mathematics, 8 A*s, and 4 A’s.